8 Reasons To Masturbate

You could say that after receiving a traditional Catholic education, that I’ve gone from one extreme to the other.

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I never really understood why the nuns at my high school always insisted that we went to sleep with our hands resting on top of the blankets. It made no sense, especially considering England’s cold climate. I knew even then, after the lights went out, that every pair of hands would inevitably creep back down under the bedclothes. It took me a few years more to understand why this practice wasn’t just discouraged but actually forbidden. I can’t deny that it amused me greatly when I uncovered the whole truth.

You could say that after receiving a traditional Catholic education, that I’ve gone from one extreme to the other.  These days, I’m devout in my belief that God gave me a clitoris for a very good reason. I don’t regard it as a sin when I take time to enjoy this wonderful little gift that I’ve been blessed with. On the contrary, I want to extol the virtues of self love.

Here are my 8 reasons to masturbate:

1. It’s pleasurable.

This is the most obvious reason. For some people, however, the act of masturbation provokes a feeling of guilt and shame. It shouldn’t be like this. Masturbation is perfectly healthy and natural physical process.

2. Get to know your body better

Through masturbating, you can identify all of your pleasure points and best to stimulate them effectively. Examining and touching, your body regularly is highly recommended by the medical profession to gauge general health. Physical changes and anomalies are more easily discovered and acted upon with a sounder basis of bodily self-knowledge.

3. Discover your sexual tastes

Masturbation enables you to discover, explore and refine your sexual fantasies. Understanding and predicting the specific types of imagery and scenario that arouse you the most is a process enabled most effectively by self-love. What do you think of when you touch yourself?  What do you like to watch? Your authentic desires are the ones that encourage you to masturbate.

4. It improves your sex life with a partner

Masturbation makes it easier to communicate your needs to a partner. Already knowing your pleasure points enables you to use a type of physical short-hand where someone else is concerned. All you’ll need to do is relate how and where you need to be touched to stimulate you most effectively. In addition, a person who is more sexually connected to their own body will, inevitably, enjoy sex more with a partner.

5. Orgasm

Of course, in most instances, the main objective to masturbating is experiencing orgasm. Indeed, for some individuals it may be the only way that they can reach climax. Is there anything better than having an orgasm?

After orgasm:

6. Sexual Relief

Although it’s a temporary sensation, effective masturbation gives you to a state of euphoric sexual relief and peace of mind. Afterwards, you can concentrate on other things that might not be particularly exciting but which can be equally necessary and important. They might include: work issues, family matters, health concerns and general chores or errands. Those things can be carried out with greater mental clarity and efficiency after you’ve masturbated. I wonder whether those people who claim that masturbation is something we should avoid are continually in a state of arousal or frustration?

Masturbation can also help prevent premature ejaculation in men.

7. Therapeutic benefits

An orgasm can give substantial relief from pain, stress, boredom and insomnia. Instead of lying in bed tossing and turning, worrying about the day to come, masturbating distracts the mind and relaxes the body. The best thing about it is that it’s totally natural.

8. Improving the economy

Although it’s believed that masturbation is free, unfortunately, it isn’t. This is especially true if sex toys are used. Adult novelties have to be purchased along with batteries. A rechargeable toy requires mains electricity, sometimes quite a lot. If you use a condom and lubricant for toys that you insert, that’s another expense. So are subscriptions to porn websites or adult TV channels, if that’s where you find your inspiration. Even Kleenex can become an unforeseen expense. In reality, every session of self-love costs money. In this way, pharmacies, supermarkets, shops and erotic boutiques can improve their turnover.

I’m convinced that together, we can boost the economy if we all masturbated more.

Makale Tarihi: 2020-05-17

  • 8 Reasons To Masturbate
  • 8 Reasons To Masturbate

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