Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators will definitely provide another stimulating level to your sex life

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Anal vibrators will definitely provide another stimulating level to your sex life — whether solo or with a lover.
And with the variously shaped and sized anal toys available, you will definitely find one or more to meet and exceed your expectations. While they may look intimidating for the newbies out there, you will quickly release the truly stimulating power that they possess and will rapidly add more to your naughty drawer. Want to learn more? Read our guide on How to Choose an Anal Vibrator. If you still have questions, you can always contact our 24/7 customer service for additional information.

What Exactly Is an Anal Vibrator?

This super-sexy toy stimulates the anus and provides hours of pleasure. While some people use a regular vibrator for anal play, it is not suggested, as that the tissues inside of the anus can be easily damaged.

That is why it is best to purchase a vibrator that is designed especially for this type of use. They are usually slimmer than your everyday vibrator so that they can slide more easily into the anus. They also typically sport a wider base, just to ensure that everything that goes in, comes right back out when you’re ready!

A lot of people who are utilizing dildos like to take things up a notch with the vibrating effect. If you’re considering the price point, this sultry toy will be more than a cock ring, but will also be around the same range as a standard vibrator. But as you will soon discover, there are several options for your new little friend.

How to Use an Anal Vibrator

Using this type of toy may be a little different than the others that you may be used to incorporating into your bedroom regimen. So, you’ll want to take extra care to ensure that you’re using it properly. While it may seem like common sense, there are several things to remember when you’re developing your anal prowess.

Clean it regularly - I don’t think that we have to talk about infections here, so let’s just say that it’s very important to keep anything clean that will be inserted into your body — especially your most delicate parts. Always clean it before it’s time for your next adventure. Typically, a little soap and warm water will do the trick. Just be sure not to immerse it in water, so as not to damage the electrical parts.

Lube it up - It’s never a bad idea to use a lube, but it’s absolutely a necessity when you’re using anal sex toys. The anus does not have natural lubricants like the vagina, so you won’t “work up” any moisture. Plus, you have to be very careful with the tissues inside of the anus. Chaffing can happen whenever something is rubbed against your skin, so you definitely don’t want to experience anything remotely like that, when you can simply use a water-based lubricant! They come at a low cost, so you can select a few of your favorite colors, smells or tastes. Additionally, they can add extra sensations that can even up your expectations.

Take it slow - While you may be tempted to go full speed with your new bad boy, you’re going to want to take things slowly at first, so that your body can adjust. Remember this if you’re using it on a partner, too, and let them tell you when you can pick up the speed.

Think about the size - This can be very important if this is your first experiment with anal play. Consider trying a small anal vibrator at first, as you may need to take a bit of time to work up to the size that you’ve been eyeing online. There are so many options, including sizes and shapes, that you can even make different selections to change things up every now and then. Just don’t take on more than you can handle — not just yet.

Choosing the Best Anal Vibrator

So, now that you know how to use it and keep it clean (just the toy!), you can begin the fun of choosing the right product for you. Thankfully, you’re going to have plenty to choose from, so that you find something to truly captivate both you and your partner.

Anal vibrators - These are your typical toys with a slim shaft for easy insertion, many with a reach to the prostate with a little extra zing for the men.

Anal vibrating probes - This is the perfect toy for beginners, as that it is about the size of a finger, but it can be a fun introduction to the realm of anal adventures.

Vibrating butt plugs - This toy is designed to make the anus “feel full,” which can provide numerous sensations during solo or couple’s sex. It can be left in during the encounter, and you can opt for a vibrating version or a non-vibrating plug.

Vibrating anal beads - These beads are typically different sizes and are connected to a long string that can be inserted into the anus and then slowly pulled back out again. You can also choose your speed of vibration, which can make for a completely different experience each and every time.

Adding to Your Arsenal of Anal Toys

The fun thing about discovering your favorite toys is that you can also build up a nice little nightstand drawer filled with something fresh for every night of the week. When you purchase quality products, they will last through round after round of intimate acts. So, rather than replacing broken toys, you can simply add new exciting ones, whether it be a few bondage toys, a sexy harness or the latest glass dildo.

Anal Vibrators for Men and Women

Maybe when you think of vibrators, you commonly assume that these are usually toys for women. However, both sexes love the appeal of anal arousal, so choosing a vibrator specifically designed for this type of fun is the obvious next step for both men and women.

So, whether you are exploring solo or with the help of a partner, you’re about to experience sensations that will keep the party going all night long! Just have fun with your new toy, take it slow and see where the night goes.

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