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Vibrators offer stimulation like no other - which can lead to the most wonderful orgasms! That's why we've gone all-out to get this collection of vibrating toys. This special range offer all our lusty shoppers a variety of options, from beautiful to budget, from large to little - to suit your body. Happy shopping!


Clitoral Vibrators
More Bounce for Your BeanClitoral vibrators to satisfy your sweet spot
A clitoral vibrator is designed to stimulate all those precious nerve ending just under the hood of the clitoris, meaning that it's often much quicker to achieve an external (clitoral) orgasm than it is to reach orgasm via internal stimulation. These sexy female sex toys are just heaven! Clitoral Vibrators can be used during lovemaking to take your pleasure even further. The range of clitoral massagers and sex toys available to buy at our online adult store is just phenomenal. We stock the highest quality adult toys that will add some toe-curling sensations to your love-making sessions.

Classic Vibrators
Fancy a Retro Rabbit? Classic vibrators for a thrilling old school orgasm

These classic vibrators are basic but extremely versatile sex toys that are perfect for people looking for no fuss. Generally, they are a standard, nondescript shape making them fairly versatile and for use as you wish! They may be plain and simple but trust us - these adult toys can offer delicious internal vaginal stimulation - just great! Remember you can also use these good old-fashioned vibes to tickle and tantalise the clitoris - so very naughty! These days adult toys can be very high-tech, so these simple and classic sex vibrators are perfect when you are not in the mood for many buttons and space age technology - just simple satisfaction! Browse through our fabulous online adult store and have fun choosing...

G-Spot Vibrators
Cleverly Curved for a Killer ClimaxOur G-spot vibrators hit the spot

It’s time to experience the wonder that is G-Spot Stimulation! If you haven’t been experiencing enough mind-numbing orgasms, here are a few tools to make your sex life a whole lot better. G-spot vibrators are superbly suited for internal (G-spot and vaginal) stimulation. For centuries, we've tried to explore the wonders of this hidden treasure chest.

Mini Vibrators
Small Vibrators, Big ResultsOur petite toys pack a pleasure punch

Sensational small vibrators for intimate moments...This hand-picked selection of smaller vibrators is made especially for tiny toys that love to travel. Slip a mini-vibe into your handbag or your purse - some of these toys are even smaller than a lipstick! This collection includes discreet vibes that can be disguised as a lipstick or those that look like a USB / memory stick, etc - perfect for a travel-buddy or discreet accessory for your handbag...

Rabbit Vibrators
Rabbit VibesTell us what you really need in a vibrator,we're all ears...

Rabbit vibrators offer internal stimulation and clitoral (external) stimulation at the same time, which can lead to the most wonderful orgasms! That's why we've gone all-out to find the best rabbit vibrators available. This special range offer all our lusty shoppers a variety of options, from beautiful to budget, from large to little - to suit your body. Happy shopping!

Realistic Vibrators
Meet Our Doppelgangers Realistic vibrators for authentic action

Fantasies can come true with these Realistic Vibrators. Shapely, soft and life like, these aesthetically pleasing vibrators will provide real intimate pleasure. With a full head and true to life veins these life-like vibrators simulate real life sensations brilliantly. Hassle-free and reliable, realistic vibrators will rock your world! Vibrators and female sex toys have really come such a long way since the first products were launched. We have a spectacular range of toys and lingerie to buy at our online adult store. We have a catalogue of sex toys South Africa has never seen the likes of before, are now ready for you to play and experiment with - gorgeous luxury rabbit vibes and sexy clitoral massagers... so many delicious goodies to choose from.

Egg Vibrators
Sunny Side UpEgg vibrators for instant happiness

If you are ready to experience pleasure anytime and anywhere - remote control is the way to go! Put your pleasure in your lover’s hands, giving him or her the power to leave you breathless from across the room. With this secret weapon you’ll be able to stimulate your partner at dinner with more than just conversation. Some of these toys even have a range of 15 metres so don’t be surprised if the glances you would normally exchange from across the room take on a whole new level of intensity and love. Trying some of our sex toys with a remote control function is the ideal way to show your partner that you trust him or her on a whole different level!

Dual Vibrators
All Over HappinessDual vibrators for pleasure inside and out

Share an adventure of sexual exploration with the one you love - discreet, adult fun is yours to enjoy. These playful dual vibrators are great toys for couples they are perfect for bringing people closer, expanding intimacy, encouraging sharing and sometimes changing a normal lovemaking evening into a very kinky affair. Some of our best-selling couples toys include the we-vibe dual vibrator that stimulates both him and her making for some perfect couple playtime. Some of the goodies available to buy are also highly romantic and ideal for our more gentle customers. These naughty adult items are wonderful for lovers indulging in a passionate evening or a blissful afternoon spent in an erotic embrace.

Dildos are a Firm Favourite But we stock them in floppy flexible, too

Dildos (aka Dills - a polite euphemistic name for dildos) are sex toys that come in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes. Dildos don't take batteries, so they don't vibrate, squirm, wiggle or rotate. A dildo is the ideal sexual ‘partner’ for some as it is always ready and willing to please. There is never a shortage of entertainment to be had, and are available in glass, steel and silicone! The most popular dildos are the realistic dildos! I bet you NEVER thought that would be the best-selling style, did you??? Regardless of your taste, we encourage men and women to explore what these wonderful adult toys can do to enhance your love life. Top quality designs and superior materials have been combined to create a truly out-of-this-world experience.

Classic Dildos
More Naughty, Less NonsenseOur classic dildos never miss the mark

All of these Dildos are designed to be much more than just erotic shapes. These are the leading dildo designs in our industry with amazing materials and fabulous configurations. When you use these adult toys, you’ll understand that there’s a special orgasmic feature in each toy for g-spot, clitoral, or anal pleasure. The beauty of these classic sex toys is that they are designed to be used for both anal and vaginal stimulation. The shapes are stunning and many have ergonomic designs and exciting materials for ease of handling and a perfect fit!

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