Penis Pumps

These high quality cock pumps are just the thing if you want a bigger member to work with in the bedroom and can be mutually beneficial for your partner as well.

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All Fleshlight Masturbators

If you are flying solo and want to enjoy an amazing masturbation experience, check out these incredible Fleshlight masturbators from Nokta Shop These discreet and compact sex toys are made with soft and supple material for a realistic feel that you will not believe.

This collection includes Fleshlight girls, Fleshjack Boy, Stamina Training Units and so much more, so you will be able to find the ideal Fleshlight toy for you. Enjoy incredible masturbation with intensely realistic feel and shape with an amazing Fleshlight masturbator.

Penis Pumps

If you are searching for a little extra length to play with, then Nokta Shop's penis pumps department is the place to be. Whether you want to extend your penis with a penis pump or improve the strength of your erection, we have the toy for you. These high quality cock pumps are just the thing if you want a bigger member to work with in the bedroom and can be mutually beneficial for your partner as well.

Male Vibrators

If you crave that vibrating sensation from your sex toys, this collection of Male Vibrators from Nokta Shop is just the thing. Enjoy intense tremors and pulsations that massage your sensitive spots and give you incredible orgasmic results. Our collection of male vibrators includes prostate vibes, vibrating butt plugs, anal vibrators, vibrating cock rings, massagers, pleasure wands, inflatable vibes and so much more. Whatever kind of vibrating male sex toy you prefer, this Nokta Shop collection is sure to have the ideal toy for you.

Fleshlight Girls

If you love the feel and texture of a supple fleshlight masturbator, then these Fleshlight Girls from Nokta Shop are just the thing. Modelled around your favourite porn stars, these realistic toys offer a wide variety of inner textures and outer designs so it feels like you are enjoying the real thing.

Fulfil all your porn star fantasies with these anal, pussy and oral Fleshlights whilst enjoying incredibly erotic stimulation. Masturbation never felt so good with these Fleshlight girl masturbators from Nokta Shop

Fleshlight Sex In A Can

If you are searching for a boost in your masturbation and a discreet sex toy, these Fleshlight Sex in a Can toys tick all the boxes. These unique novelty toys are working, high quality sex toys that only you will know about. Crack open a can of stimulating masturbation and enjoy the supple, soft and realistic material texture that will drive you wild.

This collection includes cans such as 'lady lager', 'odoyles stout', 'grape soda', 'cherry pop' and more. For a hilarious, discreet and incredible sex toy, check out this great collection Fleshlight sex in a can male masturbators.

Fleshjack Boys

This collection of Fleshjack boys is full of amazingly high quality toys designed with gay men in mind. The Fleshjack male sex toys are modelled around gay porn star's asses and mouths so you can live out your porno fantasies whenever the mood takes you. These Fleshjacks have intricate inner textures that are designed to give you the feeling and suction power of the real thing. Discreetly hidden in their outer containers, these are easy to travel with, store and they feel amazing. Give your stimulation a boost and indulge in an incredible gay male sex toy.

Fleshlight Accessories

These Fleshlight Accessories from Nokta Shop are essential for the upkeep and health of your Fleshlight sex toys. This selection includes items such as renewing powder, Fleshlight wash, button cell batteries and more, all for your easy male masturbator maintenance.

Make sure you practice healthy sex with your masturbators by keeping them clean with a reliable cleaner, this way you can avoid any bad bacteria build up and enjoy your sex toys for longer.

Mr Limpy Fleshlights

These amazing Mr Limpy Fleshlights are great accessories that are made to simulate a flaccid penis and create the bulging look of male genitals; perfect for transgender customers or anyone experimenting with gender play.

These high quality packing accessories are made with your comfort and confidence in mind so you can experience and display the realistic shape and size of a male bulge. Made with soft and pliable material, Mr Limpy faux penis accessories will move and feel like the real thing through your clothes.

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