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Carolina from Jack and Jill and Michelle from We-Vibe talk about the W-Vibe and what makes it such a favorite product among couples.

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Carolina: Hi, it’s Carolina here from Jack and Jill and i’m here with Michelle from We-Vibe and we’re going to check out some fun, new products today. One thing I do have a question about… so, asking for a friend you know her partner travels a lot and so you know if you try to find some excitement to spice things up while they’re far apart so kind of like do you have anything for that?

Michelle: We have the thing for that. So we are called We-Vibe. And We-Vibe is the world’s most popular couples vibrator.

Carolina: That’s so tiny.

Michelle: So tiny.

Carolina: That’s not a typical, I mean the vibrator I imagine is this huge like scary looking thing

Michelle: Looks like a penis?

Carolina: Yes hahah!!

Michelle: But our designs at We-Vibe are super discreet they’re very elegant, and they’re made with the best materials, body safe silicone –

Carolina: Safe to put anywhere?

Michelle: Anywhere in your body. Well, not anywhere. Hahaha, well I guess anywhere! They’re made of medical-grade silicone and the dyes that we use are FDA approved, so you can feel confident there. You’re using a completely body safety toy. This is a We-Vibe, and can I see your Vagina?

Carolina: what? I mean.. we’re on camera…

Michelle: Well how about your hand vagina then.

Carolina: Okay, how do I make one of those?

Michelle: Ah, let’s do this hand, make a little circle. Like this…Your vagina might not be that big but maybe hahahaha. But, this is the We-Vibe and it’s the world’s most popular couples vibrator and it’s designed to be worn by her, for extra stimulation on her g-spot and her clitoris and then her partner, your girlfriend’s partner, can fit inside and enjoy the vibration as well. So it’s truly a couple’s toy

Carolina: Oh wow, yea, look there’s room this is the partner

Michelle: and it’s designed to be worn during penetrative sex but there’s like a lot of other fun things you can do with it. Even if you leave your we We-Vibe in the hand, maybe you can use it on the penis as a vibrating stroker so, this is so fun for foreplay because you don’t just jump to the big D yeah right? And if you did it’s just almost like pitty sex. You can wear this out in public as a panty vibrator

Carolina: oh yeah?

Michelle: yeah!

Carolina: I thought you were gonna be like it’s a jewelry thing, as an accessory.

Michelle: But it could be an accessory because I think We-Vibe is the most sought-after couples toy on the market which is great. We have over two million users which is wonderful around the world.

Carolina: That’s crazy!

Michelle: So you can wear the we vibe out in public is a panty vibrator you can use it for foreplay..

Carolina: Well, but, if you’re wearing it out in public it as a panty thing, like how do you control that? because, you know you can’t just walk around and then just be like uggh, you know excuse me!

Michelle: So there is a remote control you can scroll through the vibration patterns and you can increase and decrease the intensity so it could be super discreet if ever you’re at your kids soccer game or even a business meeting

Carolina: In a meeting, a boring meeting, you make it more exciting!

Michelle: but oh to make it even more exciting…you are at that business meeting. Or your friend is at her business meeting

Carolina: right yeah

Michelle: and she can invite her partner to play with her we vibe from anywhere in the world.

Carolina: what?!

Michelle: So there’s a free app it’s called we connect by we-vibe……

Carolina: so this essentially is in my panties right now?

Michelle: this is in your panties, and then my tablet becomes a remote-control right? Or, your tablet when it comes to remote control. So now instead of using the little cute remote we can use the tablet. you can swipe through ten preset vibration modes. you can increase and decrease intensity of each of the motors. Maybe like more clitoral stimulation so we’re just gonna increase the clitoral motor and then when you’re apart you can send your partner or your lover an email or a text message and invite them to control your we vibe from anywhere in the world. so it’s a great partner toy and the fact that it will keep you connected whatever distance you’re at, but then when you finally get together it’s designed for penetrative sex so you can both enjoy the vibration.

Carolina: You can even use it yourself too if you want.

Michelle: yeah! so it’s a perfect solo toy. It’s lots of fun.

Carolina: Oh wow!

Michelle: Nice? And it’s whisper quiet so we can’t hear it.

Carolina: Its so easy to use so you just go up and down look at that!

Michelle: and it’s very pretty.

Carolina: Yeah i like the colors… Get it back to the pink one! Pink was my favorite..

Michelle: So we can even use the drop-down menu, we see all of these there you go, and we’ve learned also that vibrate, just straight vibrate is the most popular mode on the We-Vibe. So it’s lots of fun.. It’s a partner toy that has really,

Carolina: it still tingles!

Michelle: it does feel great! It’s a partner toy that’s made couples happy all over the world and now we can keep them connected when they’re together and then when they’re apart

Carolina: it’s also easy for travel looks like you can put this in your purse or in your carry-on

Michelle: it’s super discreet and again say if you have kids at home this is the cute little charging base the we vibe sits in here, and charges for actually four hours, so that We-Vibe charges for four hours and then you’ll get up to three hours of playtime straight but then it looks like a little room air freshener…so no one is the wiser

Carolina: No one will know what it is. Now I know when I walk into someone’s house and I see that’ll be like, is it an air freshener? or is it a We-Vibe?

Michelle: That’s right, is it an air freshener? or is it a We-Vibe?

Carolina: Im gonna question everything now

Michelle: so the we vibe comes in four different colors red, pink, a slate color, and a purple so come to Jack and Jill, pick out your favorite color and ah come see Carolina,

Carolina: Also if you can’t make it out to the store. It’s online too! – Very convenient and discreet.

Makale Tarihi: 2018-02-17

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