The 6 Best Sex Positions for Morning Sex

Rather than hitting snooze, why not snuggle in with your partner for some morning sex ?

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Looking to start your day with a BIG bang? Morning sex might be a great way to do that. After all, you're already all cozy in bed. Plus, orgasms are energizing, brain boosting and stress busting. They even give you glowing skin. They're better than coffee!

Here are six awesome morning sex positions. You’ll never want to leave the sack again! Binding Spoon
Could there possibly be any yummier way to wake up than with a nice slow ease into the binding spoon?

This sex position is absolutely scrumptious and doesn’t require a vast amount of energy for either partner, which is always a big plus in the early morning hours!

Full of animalistic sensuality and closeness, the binding spoon provides access for deep, penetrating thrusts that seem to hit all the right places.

In this position, the partner in front lies on her side with knees bent and one leg raised in the air. Her partner spoons her from behind, penetrating her, or just doing fun things with his hands!

If you're looking for a little G-spot action before breakfast, this is a fun one to try. Missionary Position
Missionary tends to get a bad rap. It’s often labelled as vanilla, conventional and boring. For many, it’s considered to be the sexual position of mediocrity.

In reality, missionary can be great - and it's still favorite for many people. Plus, it's simple and easy for lazy mornings, when you may be less inclined to get creative or athletic.

Missionary is also relaxing and allows the partner on top to be in control - switching things up there can be fun too! Legs Over the Shoulders Position
What's great about this sex position? We'd say it's the fact that both partners have a free hand (or two) they can put to good use!

This position is also pretty relaxed and lazy. But don't be fooled: as a penetrative position, this one has lots of depth and intensity - and lots of opportunity for delicious G-spot stimulation. The Hero Position
This sex position is only a slight variation of the previous one, but little changes can make a big difference - and this position seems to make every thrust feel incredibly snug and more powerful.

Using a sex wedge or pillow to lift up the receiving partner's hips here can be really helpful - and more comfortable. The receiving partner can also increase the feeling of tightness for her partner by squeezing her legs together. The Jockey Position
Not all morning sex needs to be lazy. After all, some people like a good workout first thing in the morning! This one recruits that exercise ball you've probably meaning to use and allows one partner to ride the other like a horse. It's athletic, it's fun and the wobbly nature of the ball with have you both giggling and sweating your way to orgasm.

Is there ever a time when doggy-style isn’t a good idea? It's amazing for G-spot orgasms; it's also a position that feels dirty, athletic and wild. Get in touch with your primal side before you button up for the office!

Getting into this position is simple, but feel free to mix things up according to your comfort and what feels good for you. Morning Sex for the Win
Morning can be a great time to connect with a partner. So, rather than hit snooze, snuggle in with your bed-mate to connect and get energized for the day ahead.

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  • The 6 Best Sex Positions for Morning Sex

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