The Top 10 Male Sex Toys You Must Try

Sex toys for men come in a variety of categories. Let’s take a look at those, how these types of toys work, and how to choose one that you’ll enjoy using.

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Male sex toys don’t get the attention that female sex toys do. At all. Most of the information that is out there is written as click bait by folks who don’t know a cock ring from a napkin ring. I am a connoisseur of sex toys for men. I get to sample these on a regular basis to review and write my impressions about them. In fact, part of my job is to have sex and masturbate. I take my job seriously.
I’m also involved with alternative sexual practices such as anal play, prostate play and BDSM. Based on that experience, I am going to recommend some types of toys for men that I have found to be great additions to my sexual arsenal.

Toys are an unknown and fun luxury most guys don’t explore. Men have different concerns when it comes to sex toys because we don’t have the sexual freedom and familiarity to explore our sexuality. Once you have decided to give toys a try, you have to find the toy meets your needs. 

If you’re trying to buy a toy for a male partner, you should keep in mind that there are four types of guys that have unique needs: trans men, intersex men, geriatric men, and men with erectile disfunction. If you’re buying toys for one of these men, check with them for their specific needs first before buying a toy that they may not be able to use.

Sex toys for men come in a variety of categories. Let’s take a look at those, how these types of toys work, and how to choose one that you’ll enjoy using. Anal Toys
Putting stuff in your butt feels great. Although there are tons of pleasurable nerve endings back there, many people don’t explore this area. One important side note here: If you are a heterosexual man, don’t be afraid to put things in your butt because of social stigma. Being gay is about who you are attracted to and who you love, not about what you stick in your ass. That being said, if you’ve never tried anal play, anal toys are a great way to go where no one has gone before! Dildos, dongs, and anal beads are some great examples of the types of devices you can use where the sun don’t shine. Keep in mind that toys that stimulate the pleasure receptor nerves in your anus are different than ones that stimulate the prostate as they are shaped differently and have different uses. We’ll cover prostate stimulators in the next section.

There are a few ways to use anal toys. You can use them to begin arousal, and to stimulate your anus ­ either with penile stimulation or without it. Lastly, you can use them to increase the intensity of your orgasms. When you’re close, start increasing penile stimulation and pull the anal toy out quick. This aids in both stimulating the anus and giving you a much better orgasm. Make sure all anal devices are well lubed and make sure you are well lubed too. You can’t use too much lubricant when it comes to anal play. Most people prefer silicone lube for this. There’s a butt toy to tickle just about every pleasure receptor in the anus. Just remember to make sure there is a large base at the end. Without a base, without a trace; you don’t want to lose that toy in your rectum.Prostate Stimulators
Prostate stimulators are devices meant to reach and stimulate the prostate gland in the rectum. They are a bit smaller than other anal toys and have a slight curve with a small ball at the end. This is made to reach up and stimulate the prostate. For many people, this means a much bigger, better orgasm.

Butt plugs and prostate (P­spot) toys not only feel great, they are good for your health because by cleaning out the prostate, they can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. This is because the prostate contains a buildup of viral, bacterial and fungal carcinogens. Milking, or massaging, the area will oxygenate the prostate and dump all the funky buildup. Your urologist can also do this as a medical procedure, but that’ll be strictly business, so you’ll probably have more fun doing this one your own or with a partner.

So, how do you use one of these toys? As you slowly get yourself aroused, work in a prostate toy using lots of silicone lube. These toys are shaped to provide gentle pressure and massage the prostate gland. After a while, your arousal will cause the prostate tissue to become erect. With your fingers, you should feel a little lump the size of a walnut about two to three inches inside your rectum. If you’re lying on your back, reach up towards your belly button to find it. Apply pressure there with your prostate toy, and start to stimulate the penis again while lightly rubbing and pressing on the prostate for a big, explosive orgasm. Vibrating Devices
Vibrators, vibrating cock rings, vibrating masturbaters, vibrating butt plugs, and penis massagers all fall in this category. All of these toys have mechanical vibrating parts that can be used to stimulate the cock, balls, perineum, anus or prostate with a high to low intensity and differing vibrating patterns. Most of the toys in this category are similar to the their non­vibrating counterparts. So, a vibrating cock ring works like a regular cock ring, except that it vibrates.

The one type of toy that doesn’t have a non vibrating counterpart are the penis massagers (or “guybrators”) like the Fun Factory Cobra Libre or The Hot Octopuss Pulse II. They are meant to hold a small portion of the penis ­ the glans and frenulum ­ in a chamber. These are my favorite vibrating toys on the market. They work like a Hitachi Magic Wand that has been turned inside out for the head of your cock. They are rechargeable, powerful, and unlike anything else out there for men. You can even put a flaccid cock in there. It’ll come out harder than Chinese Algebra ­ if you don’t explode first. Cock Rings
Cock rings are constrictive devices that surround the scrotum, testicles and cock, or just the cock. They are used to restrict blood flow causing a larger erection and bigger, better orgasms. They come in a variety of materials such as silicone, leather, metal, stone and wood. 

There are a few types of cock rings. The first type is a band that snaps or velcros shut and either goes around your cock or around the cock and balls. Next is a solid metal ring that has no snaps and comes in a variety of thickness and sizes to accommodate all cocks. The gates of hell is next.

This is a cock ring and a chastity device consisting of a leather strap with seven different cock rings made to contain the entire penis within all the rings. My favorite is a teardrop cock ring that has a metal lip that extends down towards the perineum and can be used for both blood flow restriction and can give you an external prostate massage. I prefer metal for my cock rings because the added weight feels good and acts like metal viagra for my penis. The weight of the metal makes the shape even more effective. It makes your cock harder, orgasms stronger and helps increase libido. You will look like a raging man­beast with a giant thunder cock with this thing on. Use it for sex or masturbation. Or, if you use electric wands for electro play, it also conducts electricity!

One important side note: Do NOT buy a cock ring made of titanium. If in the rare instance you have one on and get stuck with a boner that won’t go down, you need to go the emergency room. The ER has diamond saws that can cut through anything, except titanium. In that case they have to call the fire department and use the jaws of life on your wee wee. Not fun. Male Mastrubators
Male masturbators are the most common and easiest to use sex toy for men. They come in a huge variety of materials, shapes and sizes. They all have one thing in common: They are all a tube designed to envelop an erect penis and provide the sensation of the inside of a vagina or mouth. The best­sellers here are the Tenga Flip Hole and all of the Fleshlight toys.They are also available as pocket pussies, assholes, tubes, mouths, and just about any other type of hole you can imagine fitting your dick into.

The majority are made of a jelly like substance that is usually thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or thermoplastic rubber (TPR). To use one, just lube up the toy, lube your cock and stick it in the hole. Thrust and repeat until orgasm. These are the best, cheapest and simplest male sex toys out there. Penis Pumps
Part urban legend, part suction toy, a penis pump does not make your penis larger permanently, but it will suck you better than your prom date. Many of the companies that make these will claim it makes you larger, which is true because you will have an erection. However, it will not make your erection larger. These toys have a few moving parts, so you need to make that sure if you blow a gasket, ­ literally ­ you can replace it easily. Make sure the toy you choose has good replacement parts available. Lube, Ointment and Flavor Enhancers
This is the stuff that makes your penis slippery or taste better. There are a few different kinds of lube you should be aware of: water based, oil, silicone and hybrid (a combination of oil­ and water­based or silicone­ and water­based lubes). Of all the lubes, silicone is by far the best for men. It is pH balanced, vegan, hypoallergenic and is the single most incredible lube hands down. The fewer ingredients it has, the less filler there is. The reason it’s the best is because it can maintain its slide in wet environments and for long periods of time. It’s good for masturbating, anal play, vaginal sex, sex toys and more. It even has 1001 other uses, such as helping with squeaky doors, chafe­proofing runners’ thighs, smoothing frizzy hair, calming psoriasis, brightening tattoos and helping remove stubborn cock rings. Love Dolls
These things can be trip, but my gawd are they expensive. There are cheap, blow­up dolls, of course, but the top of the line here are the Real Life Dolls and Real Dolls. They feel and look very real, but can cost as much as small car. If you’re into this however, it’s worth every dime.

Along the same lines are male masturbaters that are shaped like a small section of torso that includes the pussy and ass. For those with extreme fetishes you can also get a foot­shaped toy with a vagina on it called a vajankle. No, I’m not making this up.  Ball Stretchers
A ball stretcher is a ring that goes around your scrotum and drags down the ball, providing an amazing enhanced look and feel for orgasm. These devices weigh down and push out the balls, delivering a sexy look, great feel and more intense orgasm.This type of toy can also be really helpful for men who struggle with premature ejaculation. Electrosex
Electrosex devices come in two distinct styles: high­current, low­voltage devices like TENS units, and low­current, high­voltage electric devices like Neon wands and Violet wands. If you use a battery in the device it’s the former, if you plug it in a socket it’s the latter.

TENS units use small pads or attachments to send a variable electric wave into the desired body part to create a pleasant electric current that can lead to orgasm if placed on the cock or balls. These are similar to the devices used at physical therapy for sore backs. 

Neon and Violet Wands can be used to stimulate an area directly with glass electrodes that sparkle with colorful light, sort of like a plasma ball. You can adjust the intensity of the device to make it more or less pleasurable. You can also use this device with a body contact piece, like Kink Labs Power Tripper. Plug it in the wand, place the the Power Tripper in the waist band touching the skin, and it electrifies the entire body. The fun really begins because you can touch your electrified partner’s body with a metal object to complete the circuit and zap them a little ­ or a lot. Male Chastity Devices
Last, but not least, we are going to touch on male chastity devices. Female chastity devices don’t work very well as there is always a way to get around whatever is containing the genitals. Male chastity devices, however, simply need to contain the flaccid penis and prevent it from getting erect. There are a number of items out there that assist in keeping a man in check. These devices are made of a variety of materials, including silicone (best for long term wear), metal, wood, leather and plastic.

The small cage contains the penis while not erect and a cruel Mistress or Master will tease the man wearing the cage to cause a painful erection he can do nothing about. Oddly, the majority of people who use a chastity device are wives who’ve caught their husbands cheating and not folks into BDSM like one would imagine. But use these as you will! In the right situation, they can provide just the right mix of pain, pleasure, and domination/submission.

Sex toys are becoming more and more common for guys, which is surprising because the vast majority of the market is geared toward women. However, sex toy companies are increasingly taking notice of the sex positive movement and the need to cater to people with penises. Please do yourself a favor and try one of the fun items listed here, especially if you have never used one before. You’ll have a great time exploring your body ­ and enjoy some amazing orgasms along the way.

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  • The Top 10 Male Sex Toys You Must Try

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