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Vibrators are a fantastic choice for your pleasures, we have a great selection to choose from for your orgasms. Buy a Vibrator for your solo purposes or to spruce things up as a couple. Whether your on your own or teasing your partner choose from the G-Spot Vibes or Bullet type Vibes plus many more. These Vibrating Sex Toys are purposely designed to intensify blood flow increasing sensitivity to your intimate parts adding to your sexual wellbeing. With our great range of Vibrating Toys there’s surely one that meets with your needs and will give you endless hours of vibrating pleasures,

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators are fantastic sex toys, it doesn’t get much better than a Bullet Vibrator as they are small in size discreet and very powerful. They will pack a punch with any pleasure seeker, you can precisely target your clitoris, vaginal lips & nipples with intence vibrations and pleasures. Some women will stimulate their clitoris before their partner penetrates her giving her ultimate orgasms. As these Bullet toys are small in size they can become your discreet travel buddy, simply slip in your purse or handbag when traveling. These Bullet Vibes come in all types of materials, colours and textures. Shop for Bullet Vibes at really great prices & choose the one that’s perfect for your pleasures.

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral Vibrators are purposely designed to target and precisely stimulate the clitoris. Women use a Clitoral Vibrator for solo masturbation and orgasms, some men use them on their partner to stimulate her clitoris. These type of vibrators are used externally to target your clit, they are discreet, powerful and often have nubs or nodules for extra stimulation while some vibes are smooth and textured. So browse our fantastic range of Clitoral Stimulators and choose the best one for your pleasures, we offer worldwide discreet delivery on all Clitoral Vibrator sex toys.

Extra Powerful Vibrators

Extra Powerful Vibrators are surely a must have for the modern women, there’s nothing more annoying than a vibrator that doesn’t get you there. Well folks your in the right department. The most powerful vibes are the mains powered types like the magic wand vibrators, then we have the rechargeable luxury vibes, the bullet types pack a great punch as well. Most vibrators these days are quite powerful, but if you want an extra powerful one take a look here.

Extra Quiet Vibrators

Extra Quiet Vibrators are a must have for some people, quiet, discreet yet powerful enough to make you orgasm. Buy an Extra Quiet Vibrator for your pleasures without the worry of your room mates or neighbours hearing you. So if you live in a home with thin walls or share rooms and you want discretion then choose from some of the most quietest of Vibrators. The best ones are bullet vibrators and rechargeable vibrators they are quiet but still very powerful as you would expect a vibe to be. Choose the bullet types if you want as near to silence as you are gong to get from a vibrator. Browse our range of whisper quiet vibrators that are purposely designed for quietness in mind & with added baffles and materials to absorb noise and vibrations.

Luxury Vibrators

Luxury Vibrators are made from top quality materials last longer and perform better. They cost more but will give you more in pleasures and orgasms. They are designed with your pleasures and needs in mind are rechargeable have more functions to choose from and are very powerful. These designer sex toys will deliver sensual intimate pleasures where they are needed. If looked after and cared for these top quality luxury sex toy vibrators should last years, so browse are quality range of some of the best branded luxury vibes and choose the one for your pleasures, worldwide discreet 

Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic Wand Vibrators and massagers are the ultimate in giving him or her some great pleasures where it’s needed most, these intimate massagers will give you endless deep kneading massages, from gentle stimulations to the more powerful pulsating throbbing pleasures you deserve, browse our great range of rechargeable vibes and choose your perfect massager.

Mini Vibrators

Mini Vibrators are small but still very powerful, they say size matters & we agree the smaller the better. A Mini Vibrator is very discreet, powerful & ideal for slipping into your handbag or purse for traveling. These Small Vibrators are great for stimulating your skin, clit, labia, nipples and any other private part on your body. 

Rechargeable Vibrators

Rechargeable Vibrators and USB Vibrators are a really great way to maintain your intimate pleasures. Once charged a Rechargeable Vibrator will last a lot longer so your intimate pleasures are not interrupted and there is no need to worry about batteries any more. A lot of these rechargeable vibes are branded types so you are guaranteed an excellent product that has been made with your pleasures in mind quality speaks for itself, choose a luxury vibe today.

Silicone Vibrators

Silicone Vibrators are luxurious, silky smooth & soft to the touch. A quality Silicone Vibrator will warm to your body temperature and is very easy to clean. They come in different types including Rechargeable Vibrators & Massager Vibrators. These Silicone Sex Toys are worth spending a bit more money on for the sheer quality they offer. Browse our great range of Silicone Vibrating Toys and choose the perfect one for your pleasures, 

Finger Vibrators

Finger Vibrators are great fun, turn your finger into an instant buzzing pleasure probe with a Finger Vibrator. Ideal for couples who like to play or can be used for your solo masturbation needs. When this vibe is placed on your finger tip you can precicely target your pleasure bits and hot spots, surely this alone should send you over the edge with pleasures and orgasms. These Finger Stimulators are a great sex toy for couples everywhere, 

Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof Vibrators can be fully immersed in water, your orgasms in the bath or shower will be intense and very pleasurable. A Waterproof Vibrator is specially sealed and powerful so you can be rest assured your adult vibe wont break whilst using it under water. Most people take one to the shower or bathroom for some solo wet fun splashing around or you can use it as a couple to spice things up a bit. Whatever you do with your Waterproof Sex Toy you’re sure to enjoy yourself. They come in various materials silicone, smooth, plastic and jelly. We have a great selection of Waterproof Vibes to choose from, so browse our great range and choose that perfect Waterproof Toy for your pleasures,

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote Control Vibrators are a great couples sex toy, they have a separate controller away from the vibrator so your partner can activate the vibrations. A Remote Control Vibrator is often egg shaped for easy insertion and delivers a huge range of vibrations and speeds. So who will be in charge of the vibrations and who will feel the pleasures? Buy Remote Control Sex Toys for your pleasures,

Classic Vibrators

Classic Vibrators are chosen for their slim, smooth, sleek designs, the Classic Vibrator is perfect for beginners. They are often torpedo shaped, powerful and very easy to clean and maintain. They come in a variety of materials, shapes & sizes and have a firm shaft so you’re sure to feel the vibrations and pulsations. These Vibrators are a must have sex toy for the beginners and pros alike, the classsic design means it will get the job done. 

G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators are purposely designed and curved to stimulate your G-Spot. Hit this pleasure spot ladies with a G-Spot Vibrator and you will orgasm time and time again. By massaging, rubbing and thrusting your sweet spot the vibrations and sensations will send pleasures and stimulate you into paradise. If you love G-spot stimulation then check out our fantastic range of vibrators. These G-Spot Vibes come in different shapes, sizes, materials and colours, there’s surely a great sex toy vibrator just waiting for you to take home.

Jelly Vibrators

Jelly Vibrators are great fun with their funky bright colours & flexible material a Jelly Vibrator is perfect for your needs. With their silky smooth finishes they are soft to the touch & pleasing to the skin, surely there’s a great Jelly Sex Toy for you. Choose from the top brands like Doc Johnson and Loving Joy are to name a few, we also have a budget range of which are cheaper and still a great buy. 

Massager Vibrators

Massager Vibrators are a great way to indulge in some erotic massaging and sensual play. With there powerful sensations a Massager Vibrator will soothe away those aches and pains. Most loving couples will use these Magic Wands for personal massaging and deep down stimulation. As these massagers bring blood to the surface you will experience new levels of pleasure and sensations. Try one of our gorgeous quality Massager Wands the possibilities and pleasures are endless.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators are incredible sex toys for women, the Rabbit Vibrator has got alot going for it with it’s bunny ears to stimulate your clit and their textures, nodules and vibrations to stimulate you intimately, no wonder these Vibrators are a must have for the modern woman. Powerful, Waterproof, Rechargeable are just a few of the options available. Browse our fantastic range of Quality Rabbit Vibes and choose that Bunny to take home with you.

Realistic Vibrators

Realistic Vibrators are the only choice for some girls as they are as close as you will get to an actual penis. A Realistic Vibrator will look and feel realistic. We think they are a great choice as they are usually moulded from real penises are ribbed, veined, vibrate and come in all different materials and sizes. Simply choose that Realistic Vibe that best suits your personal needs and pleasures.





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İç giyim ve sex oyuncaklarında binlerce ürün, kaliteli orijinal markalar, ücretsiz kargo avantajıyla'da!

Welcome to Nokta Sex shop

At My Nokta Shop, we're proud to offer you the best in service. Browse our huge collection of 3,000+ quality-made sex toys from Vibrators to Dildos. You'll find the one that gives you (and your partner) lip-biting pleasure! Don't know where to start? Click on some of our best collections below to start browsing!

Nokta Sex Shop'a Hoşgeldiniz

Yetişkinlere Özel Cinsel Oyuncak Alışverişi İçin En Güvenilir Site Nokta Sex Shop en iyi fiyatlarla en kaliteli yetişkin oyuncaklarını sizler için özenle seçiyoruz,3 Milyondan fazla inceleme ve sayısız mutlu müşterileri ile 12 yıldır 7/24 hizmetinizdeyiz.

Sex Shop Istanbul is an online sex shop where fantasy products and sex toys are sold for people who want to add different pleasure and excitement to color their sexual vibratör life or sex life.

Sex Toys for Couples

Why browse alone when you can shop with your partner? Explore each other's sexual desires with our tremendous assortment of sex toys for couples. Take foreplay to a new level with Remote Control Vibrators. Try role reversal fun with Couples Strap Ons. Or discover new sexual positions from different angles with Sex Swings and Furniture. Heighten your relationship with thrilling toys and experience sensual orgasms together with intimate pleasure!




Whether your solo or with a partner, vibrators are a must-have in the bedroom. If you need something small and discreet to hide from prying eyes, check out our collection of Discreet Vibrators. If you're a couple looking to spice things up, check our our Couples Vibrators. Find your G-spot with our G-Spot Vibrators, or get super intense clitoral stimulation with our Rabbit Vibrators. Browse our huge collection of vibes and find the one that's right for you!

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Sex Toys for Men

Male sex toys deliver all pleasure all the time - for you and your partner. Discover the world’s best-selling male masturbators from Fleshlight and TENGA, pick a penis pump to get harder for longer, and explore the hidden depths of prostate play and full-body orgasms.

Anal Sex Toys

Discover the hidden delights of anal play with anal sex toys in all shapes and sizes. Take your first steps with beginners anal tools before moving on to advanced play with anal beads, anal dildo and prostate toys

Strap Ons & Harnesses

We have a wide range of Strap Ons for you to enjoy together. Whether you’re looking for a harness, a complete kit or a strap-on dildo - we have it covered. For those with experience, a strapless strap-on can be a great way of doubling the pleasure.

Gay Sex Toys for Men

Discover the best gay sex toys for men at Lovehoney, including everything from Fleshjacks and other strokers to anal dildos, cock toys and condoms and lubes. Sex Shop İstanbul, cinsel hayatını renklendirmek isteyen insanlara yönelik fantezi ürünlerinin satıldığı mağazadır.

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Bir başka değişle yetişkinler için oyuncak mağazası.

Sex Shop İstanbul, cinsel hayatını renk katmak isteyen cinsel tercihleri faretmeksizin sex oyuncakları vibratör, şişme bebek, şişme kadın, şişme manken, yapay vajina, suni vajina, jartiyer, erotik çamaşır, sex shop, kelepçe, kırbaç, fantezi ürünnlerinin satıldığı mağazadır. İstanbul sex shop online web satış mağazamızda cinsel tercihiniz ne yönde olursa olsun ilginizi çekecek çok fazla erotik ürün ve seks oyuncakları bulunuyor.

Vibratör kullanan var mı ?

Eşim çok yeteneksiz isteksiz ben cinsellik yaşamım açısından madur durumdayım, bu konuyu bir çok kez açmama rağmen anlayışlı olmadı üstelik problemli olan kadın oldum, şu gerçekki adamdan cinsel yönden bana hayır yok.
Bende vibratör kullanmayı düşünüyorum titreşimli vibratör alıcam bi zararı olur mu?

Vibratör Dildo Kullanan Kadınlar Anlatıyor

Vibratör veya dildo, realistik titreşimli penis (dildo) alarak sex hayatına farklılıklar değişik zevkler ve hazzı tatmak isteyen kadınlar vibratör veya dildo için akıllarında bazı soru ve kaygılar vardır. Çoğu bayan, vibratör, dildo veya sex oyuncaklarını seks hayatlarına, yatak odalarına almadan önce, vibratör, dildo kullanan yakın arkadaşlarından bilgi ve görüş alıyorlar. Ancak bu konu herkesle her yerde sorulacak bir şey olmadığından, internet yorumları daha belirleyici ve yol göstericidir. İstanbul tüm ilçelerine ve tüm türkiyeye sex shop hizmeti vermektedir online web mağazamızdan telefon, canlı destek, whatsapp, sms yada site üzerinden online sipariş verebilir istediğiniz ilginizi çeken ürünlere sahip olabilmeniz çok kolay. Kapıda ödeme, kargoda ödeme kolaylığı, online kredi kartı ödeme (3D secure) taksit avantajı ile ürün teslimatı yapılır. İstanbul erotik shop Türkiye'nin en güvenilir ve büyük istanbul sex shop mağazamız en kaliteli markalar lisanslı ithal cinsel ürünleri, en uygun fiyatlar ile sizlere sunuyor. Nokta sex shop online web satış mağazamız yaklaşık 10 yıldır sex oyuncakları satmaktadır.

Vibratör nasıl kullanılır?

Yapılan araştırmalara göre kadınların neredeyse yarısı vibratör çubuğu sadece klitorislerini uyarmak maksadı ile kullanmakta, bu nedenle klitoral orgazm yaşamakta ancak vajinal orgazma ulaşamamaktadır. Bu araştırmaya göre kadınların vibratör kullanımı ile ilgili olarak bazı bilgi eksiklikleri bulunmaktadır.

Öncelikle şayet vibratör kullanacak kadın evli ise ve partneri ile beraber kullanacak ise belden bağlamalı olan vibratörler tercih edilmelidir. Kadın kendisi kullanacak ise ve daha önce bir vibratör kullanma deneyimi yaşamamış ise kullanılacak olan vibratör penise benzer görünümde ve dokuda olmalıdır. Herhangi bir sexshop gezildiğinde çok çeşitli vibratör ve dildoların kullanılabilmesinin mümkün olduğu görülecektir. En iyi kullanım için sexshop mağazasındaki satış danışmanı ile konuşmaktan çekinilmemesi gerekmektedir. İstanbul sex shop mağazamız sağlıklı ürünler, lisanslı seks oyuncakları uzman ekibiyle hizmet anlayışına 2001 yılından bu güne hizmet vermektedir, çeşitli cinsel sağlık ürünlerini ithal eden 2500 civarında ürünü portföyünde bulunduran seks shop ürünlerinin satışını yapan nokta shop, ziyaretçi ve müşterilerinin sürekli farklı istekleri doğrutulsunda cevap verebilmek için kendini sürekli yenilemekte ve gelişen teknolojiyi takip eden kendinin yenilemeye devam etmekter.

İstanbul sex shop mağazasında her türlü cinsel yaşam için ihtiyaç ve sex fantezi ürünlerini bulabilmeniz mümkün.
Özellikle çiftlerin daha çok ilgi duyduğu yetişkin seks oyuncakları olarak bilinen orgazm ve cinsel yaşamınızı daima canlı tutan dildo, realistik penis, anal vibratör, modern vibratör, realistik titreşimli vibratör modellerinin ön plana çıkan ürünlerdir.

İstanbul seks shop online web mağazasıdır, güvenilir, orjinal sex oyuncakları, dünya markalarını bünyesinde bulunduran sektörün lideri en güvenli sex shop mağazası. Kapıda ödeme kolaylığı, online kredi kartı (3D), kargoda ödeme ile tüm seks shop ürünleri sipariş verebilirsiniz.

İstanbul merkezli olan Nokta Shop sex shop mağazasında tüm ürünlerimiz orjinal yasal ve sağlığınız için uygundur. İstanbul sınırları içinde motorlu kurye hizmeti hızlı teslimat yapılır. Türkiye geneline teslimatlar il ve ilçenize göre 1-2 gün sürebilir.

Vibratör Dildo'da. Vibratör Dildo modelleri, vibratör dildo markaları, seçenekleri, özellikleri ve en uygun fiyatları'da sizi bekliyor! Titreşimli Realistik Penis Büyük Boy Penis Vibratör Dildo Çeşitleri, En Kaliteli ve En Teknolojik Vibratörler, Zenci Vibratörler, Teknolojik Vibratörler, Realistik ... Vibratörler ve dildo uygun fiyat ve indirim fırsatlarıyla burada. Tıkla, en ucuz vibratör ve dildo fiyatları ayağına gelsin.

Vibratör nedir ?
Vibratörden daha fazla zevk almanın yolları nelerdir?
Vibratör ne demek, dildo ne demek? Vibratör ve dildo arasında ne fark var?
Kadınlar ve evli çiftler için en iyi vibratörler hangileri ve neden ?
Bakire bir kız vibratör kullanabilir mi,kızların vibratör kullanmasının sakıncası var mı?
Hazırsanız ,tamamen bilimsel çalışmalar,anketler ve erotik shop ürün tercihlerine göre derlediğim yazıya başlayalım;

Realistic Dildo Vibrators
Designed to deliver the lifelike feel of a real penis, realistic dildo vibrators are often detailed with veins, a glans and balls. Some are realistic in feel and shape but brightly colored and glittery, while others feel and look like real skin.
Many of the ultra-realistic vibrators are shaped from the penises of famous porn stars. Whichever you prefer, you’re guaranteed realistic sex stimulation but with the added bonus of extra vibration. Take a look at our helpful How to Choose A Realistic Dildo if you need a little direction.

On your own or with a partner, a vibrator makes it so much easier to reach orgasm. Browse our collection of best-selling sex toys for women and read customer reviews to help you pick the best women's vibrator. Not sure which sex toy to choose? Read our How to Choose the Perfect Vibrator guide for more tips on how to pick the best sex toy for you.

Best Vibrators
Discover the best vibrators here, or why not try using our Vibrator Finder?. Here you can narrow down your selection to find exactly what you're looking for.
Still not sure which to choose? Check out our guide on How to Choose the Perfect Vibrator to get started.

Male Sex Toys
Male sex toys deliver all pleasure all the time - for you and your partner. Discover the world’s best-selling male masturbators from Fleshlight and TENGA, pick a penis pump to get harder for longer, and explore the hidden depths of prostate play and full-body orgasms. Our Male Sex Toy Guides help you choose the right toy.

Buy dildos discreetly online from Lovehoney. Discover the biggest range of the best dildos, from small dildos for beginners to large dildos and realistic dildos for an authentic, totally fulfilling experience. Try a glass dildo or metal dildo for exciting temperature play, or add a new dimension to your play with a harness dildo.

Anal Sex Toys
Discover the hidden delights of anal play with toys in all shapes and sizes. Take your first steps with beginners anal tools before moving on to advance play with anal beads, anal dildos and prostate toys. New to anal sex? Our guides turn “Eh?” into “Aha!”.

Strap Ons
We have a wide range of Strap Ons for you to enjoy together. Whether you’re looking for a harness, a complete kit or a strap-on dildo - we have it covered. For those with experience, a double strap-on can be a great way of ensuring mutual pleasure. Check out our Strap-On Guides to help you with your shared pleasure quest.

Sex Toys

Discover sex toys to bring fun to your sex life and new ways to play with your partner. At Lovehoney you can browse the very best selection of adult toys and shop with confidence, as everything comes with a 1-year product guarantee.

Rabbit Vibrators

The original rabbit vibrator was made famous by Sex and the City - it's the sex toy no girl should be without. All rabbit vibrators have a clitoral stimulator and shaft for intense blended orgasms.
Lovehoney's Happy Rabbit Vibrators have revolutionised the rabbit sex toy: they're rechargeable, super-quiet and made of luxury, body-safe silicone. With 3 whisper quiet yet powerful motors, the Happy Rabbit vibes provide a whole new experience high-street rabbit vibrators can't reach.

Bondage Sex Toys

Discover the daring delights of tie-up-and-tease bondage play. Whether you're a bondage beginner or a Shibari expert, we have a full range of handcuffs and restraints, as well as spankers, ticklers and floggers for painful pleasure.

Sex Toys for Men

Male sex toys deliver all pleasure all the time - for you and your partner. Discover the world’s best-selling male masturbators from Fleshlight and TENGA, pick a penis pump to get harder for longer, and explore the hidden depths of prostate play and full-body orgasms.

Gay Sex Toys for Men

Discover the best gay sex toys for men at Lovehoney, including everything from Fleshjacks and other strokers to anal dildos, cock toys and condoms and lubes.

Strap Ons & Harnesses

We have a wide range of Strap Ons for you to enjoy together. Whether you’re looking for a harness, a complete kit or a strap-on dildo - we have it covered. For those with experience, a double strap-on can be a great way of ensuring mutual pleasure.



Enjoy extra pleasure with vibrator sets that include accessories from his-and-hers stimulating heads to bondage accessories, lubes and more.
You're sure to find a vibrator gift set to match your desires with our extensive selection. Turn your vibrator into a multi-stimulation tool, spice up your foreplay with bondage accessories, explore anal sex, or plan for a romantic or a wild weekend.
Need a little direction? Refer to our helpful Sex Toys Guides to select the right vibrator kit for you.

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