Why And How To Buy Sex Toys Online


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Below are just a few.

No creepy store.
No need to feel like you are being judged for your purchase. Ordering online allows for complete privacy and anonymity. There will be no awkward relationship with the store clerk. There is no way to hide your kinks from them. Plus, it is really weird running into them outside of the store. Also if you have a problem with a product, it is nicer to be able to just ship it back and get a refund or replacement rather than have to explain to the store clerk why you want to return this item.

When you order online, make sure you choose a website that offers discrete packaging so that when your package arrives at your doorstep, you don’t have to worry about those nosey neighbors. Try Adam and Eve, they offer discreet packaging.

Most websites offer a guarantee. Not all stores do. Most stores say, “Due to the intimate nature of these products, there are no refunds or exchanges.”

You can read tons of customer reviews and ratings. You won’t find that in a store! You can find out everything you want to know about a product from the customer reviews. Plus on the websites, you can filter your search results to show the most popular first. You can also search and read reviews by rating.

Bigger selection. Websites offer hundreds of toys and products. They can even show you what other people purchase with your item. They can suggest a lube or additional attachments. On some products, you can even choose the color you want.

Savings! You can always find specials or promo codes to save money! You also save time and gas. No driving to a store. If you are the type of person who likes to see a product before you buy it you can always go to a store and see if they have the product then come home and purchase it online so you can save money with the discounts. A little extra work but it is worth the savings to order it online. I know that sometimes you can read the size of a product, but it can be hard to really picture the size. That’s another reason the customer reviews are great because they don’t hold back. They will tell you if the product is too big, too small, or just right.

Guides. Ever been in a sex store and wonder what in the world is that for? Sometimes the packaging does not always explain the product so well. On the website, there are details on what type of product it is – Internal vs. external, is it for vaginal or anal use, what lube is it compatible with, does it need batteries, what type of material is it made of, etc.? If you have a question, you can look at the customer reviews or write the customer service department a quick email.

Age. You can buy sex toys online when you are 18. In some places, you cannot go into a sex store unless you are 21. In some stores, you have to enter the main door and present your id and then they have to buzz you in.  You’d feel like they are staring down on you the whole time.

How to Buy Sex Toys Online ?

There are many sites that sell sex toys online; so picking the right one is important. Let’s use Nokta Sex Shop as an example. They offer many of the important things you want when ordering sex toys. They offer discrete packaging, a triple guarantee, and there is always a special promotion and discounts.

So How Do You Order ?


Go to 


Use the search bar, tabs, or click on the suggested items to find a product that interests you. (I recommend the Wet Wabbit Vibrator. It is my personal favorite.)


After finding an item that interests you, I always like to read the reviews from other customers. I also like to watch product reviews. Try SexToys or search Google Videos. Watching these reviews can get you so great additional discounts via a promo code. The reviews are also helpful because sometimes the product does not come with instructions (like the Venus Butterfly) and watching the reviews can show you how the straps work or how to replace the batteries.


Now that you have decided on a product that is perfect for you, add it to your cart.


You can now search for more items (make sure to add batteries and lube) or check out right away.


Enter any Promo Codes and Press Apply to apply the code.


Press the Secure Checkout button.


If you have an account, Sign In. If you do not, that’s ok. Press Continue as Guest and you will have the option to create an account during checkout. I recommend creating an account because you are going to find lots of products you love and want to come back and order. (There is a wish list option so you can save products you want to get later all in one list.)


Fill out all the information and press the “Secure Checkout” button.


Enter Your Shipping and Payment Information and press the “Place Order” button.


Confirm your order. You will receive a confirmation email.


Wait for your discreet package to arrive.


Open and Enjoy your new product!

Now you are ready to order your new products!

This offer could be one of the best reason why you should buy sex toys online. When you use offer code HOWTOSEX at checkout at, you’ll get 50% OFF on almost any item plus FREE Shipping, 3 FREE Bonus DVDs, and a FREE Mystery Gift.

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  • Why And How To Buy Sex Toys Online

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