Why We Choose Realistic Dildos

Explaining Realistic Dildos

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Explaining Realistic Dildos

Some people like their sex toys to look like the real thing, some like there dildos to look completely different.

A few people find realistic dildos a bit creepy, considering they are so lifelike it feels a bit weird when it's not attached to a real person. No need! A more realistic look can provide visual aid when imaging that particular someone during a sexy solo session.

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The main advantage of realistic dildos is that they often feature a textured look that contain veins you might see on the real thing. These veins are of course exaggerated, but they have the pleasurable purpose of providing internal stimulation. Otherwise known as ribbing along the side of the dildo, the pronounced veins increase surface area of the shaft. This ribbing is either not included on other dildos or is not as pronounced.

Realistic dildos are also quite flexible. In the past they achieved flexibility by including a potentially harmful class of chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates Is no more! New material on realistic dildos means that you can enjoy firm but flexible dildos that are phthalate-free and body safe.

Realistic dildos vary in length, girth, shape and material. This is great for beginners who'd like to begin with a certain size and then move onto something bigger when they feel like it. If you find the length you prefer, you can then maximise your pleasure by finding your preferred girth.

Types of Realistic Dildos

Suction Cups

Suction cups grants the hands-free experience. Allowing it to not only feel like the real thing, but removes you having to use your own arms to feel real pleasure. Suction Cups are great to meet different angles by placing them on the floor or wall. Walking in on of either of these Basix 6 inch or 8 inch Dongs in the shower can make a great start to the day!

Balls Anyone?

Why do some realistic dildos have balls? Of course, they add to the visual realism, but balls provide external stimulation to the g-spot or perineum. A little bit of extra stimulation, may as well! Realistic dildos with balls often have suction cups as well. To experience the extra sensations for yourself, try these Dual Density King Cocks, 6.5 or 10 inch.

Ever came across a guy that had a slightly curved end. Looked a bit weird but probably felt good! Curved realistic dildos have the aim of stimulating the g-spot or p-spot upon insertion. The Ragin D dildos 8 or 10 inch have contoured heads to hit all your favourite spots.

Coloured (not skin coloured)

Realistic doesn't have to mean skin coloured! For people who want all the extra benefits of realistic dildos, yet still want visual separation between dildos and the real thing. Maybe you just wish guys had a bit more dong diversity when it came to colour. If this is you, this Colours 8 inch or TlC Carmen’s Fun Cock is a good place to start.

Introducing Realistic Dildos into a relationship

The belief that using sex toys within a relationship means your partner isn't good enough is a common misconception. But a misconception that needs to be acknowledged when introducing realistic dildos into a relationship especially. It's only natural that your man might feel a bit uneasy if you pull a realistic 12 incher out of the draw mid love making. So, talk about it beforehand, once your man or woman is completely on board with it, expect a more satisfying sex life for the both of you.

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  • Why We Choose Realistic Dildos

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